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"I wish, I wish I hadn't killed that fish"
-Homer J Simpson

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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
IY - Friends 2
This has nice visuals but would need a matching background to make it perfect! Will Give Kidney
IY - Inuyasha
I would really love this cel! Will Give Kidney
IY - Inuyasha & Kagome
I would love a Human Inuyasha and Kagome from this scene! Will Give Kidney
Or this one! Will Give Kidney
IY - Kagome
This would be an impossible find! Will Give Kidney
IY - Kikyo
The evil eye. Will Give Kidney
To me the first ending credits have the perfect Kikyo cels. Wish Fulfilled! Special thanks to XYZ for making this wish come true! Will Give Kidney
IY - Sango
Definitely a kidney or two! Will Give Kidney
I would give 2 kidneys for this scene from episode 30. Will Give Kidney
Or this one! Will Give Kidney
This image of Sango from the first ending credits is worth a couple of kidneys, maybe even my liver! Will Give Kidney
The Big O
I loved giant robots like Voltron when I was young, so when I saw this show it hit a nostalgic chord with me. Sometimes the evil robots are even cooler than the good guys. I wonder why you never see these types of cels from The Big O. Will Give Kidney

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